Nue Studio | SW lounge chair
Alice Delsenne and Jacob Brinth. We are a design duo, based in copenhagen. We design furniture. Minimal and sustainable furniture.
minimal, lounge, chair, steel, wood
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About This Project

S&W stands for ‘Steel and Wood’ as an homage to the ‘Red and Blue’ chair created by Gerrit Rietveld in 1918. This revisited version has been created to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the Rietveld chair.

SW chair references the form of the original chair while still having its own character and aesthetic. As the original chair, this contemporary version focuses on minimalism and honesty, playing with geometric lines and planes.

This project is a study of an iconic design piece that inspires our everyday work at the studio. We wanted to explore how the principles of the ‘De Stijl’ movement, from 1917, still can be used in our work in 2018; the reduction to essentials of form and colour, and playing with vertical and horizontal elements as well as using black and white to accentuate pure minimalism. As the original chair, which is made of standard production-size lumber, we have used standard sized steel tubes and plywood that allows it to be mass-produced.


SW chair has been featured by Minimalissimo, read the article here: and on RUM international ‘Darkness edition’


This chair will be soon available in limited edition pieces. Ask for enquiry.