the studio

Nue Studio is a furniture and interior design studio. The furniture creations are either custom made, small limited edition productions, or as a collaborative projects with other companies.


Our way of living is our way of designing and vica versa, they are completely merged. When we founded Nue Studio we sat down and wrote a handbook that defines everything about how we should live – literally everything; how we eat, what we wear, how we shape our home etc. – This holistic guide is based on the values of minimalism, slow-living and sustainability. These values then take physical form in the spaces and objects that we create.


Alice & Jacob created Nue Studio in 2018 in Copenhagen after finishing their design studies respectively at L’EDNA in France and KADK in Copenhagen. 

Nue aesthetic

The Nue Aesthetic is based on Danish minimalism, married with sculptural forms known from french design. Referencing nature and archetypal architecture, allows our duo to create contemporary designs, while bringing a sense of timelessness.


We explore the unique bridge between the French and Danish design cultures. While respecting the Danish furniture tradition that uses natural materials in functional ways, we mix it with more playful and bold shapes found in French design. 



Nue Studio nominated for the Design Awards 2020 in the category “Upcoming Design Studio’ 

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Paper Collective catalogue 2020 -Photo credit Merete Vyff  

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