the studio philosophy

Nue Studio works with interior design as well as creating furniture & home accessories in limited editions, handmade in Copenhagen or as a collaboration project.


Alice & Jacob created the studio in 2016 in Copenhagen after finishing their design studies respectively at L’EDNA (Nantes, France) and KADK (Copenhagen). The studio strives to spread the joy of minimalism into people lives.

the studio aesthetic

The Nue Aesthetic is based on Danish Mordernism with inviting texture and palettes married with French Sculptural aesthetics that play with proportions and bold forms.


Referencing archetypical architecture and design allows the duo to re-think furniture into a contempory context, bringing a sens of permanency to the object.


Paper Collective catalogue 2020 -Photo credit Merete Vyff  

Milk Decoration 04/2019

Rum magazine 02/2019

Rum international edition 12/2018 08/2018