Nue Studio designs bespoke furniture and home accessories for individual cases or in limited edition productions available in our Copenhagen showroom. Our pieces are Made in Denmark and produced sustainably with local materials. We also design with brand collaborations.

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In April 2020, Frederiksstolen won the competition for new public furniture in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen.  The competition ‘Nabomøbler’ was arranged by Victor Aalund Urban Architects, funded by Frederiksberg Foundation.


Frederiksstolen has references to the classic ‘Copenhagen Bench’ and to the Luxembourg chair in Paris, fitting well into the classical identity of Frederiksberg commune.  


With it’s minimal and rounded shapes it has a more contemporary and friendly aesthetic which invites users to take a break.  The chairs have armrests and small tables which accommodate lunching, reading and other activities.


It’s sustainability focus is on durability and recyclability.  The 100% steel welded construction is extremely durable, ensuring many years of lifetime requiring very little maintenance.  After many years of use it can be re-coated or simply be remelted into new chairs or any other products. It is made locally in Denmark.


 Launched in 4 locations in Frederiksberg in July 2020.

roche collection

The Roche Collection consists of a series of large wooden vases and a side table. The forms explore geometric abstraction and minimal form. The stone-like volumes reference monolithic rock formations that give a sense of permanency.


The material is traditional danish pine wood, chosen for its sustainable value and Scandinavian heritage. It is then transformed into new contemporary abstract forms. The wood is left apparent and bare, exposing its natural cracks and deformalities.  

All pieces are handmade in Denmark and available in limited edition from our Showroom. Available in white- or black oiled finish.


Custom sizes available. For enquiry:

FireWOOD vases



The Firewood Vases resulted from the desire of experimenting with Douglas wood. This wood sort is known for it’s noticeably large grain size. Using  the traditional Japanese wood burning technique ‘Shou Sugi Ban’, the grains are exaggerated and become three dimensional.

The minimal shape and charred surface allow the wood texture to be in focus, letting the material become the ornament. An interesting play takes place between the large grain patterns in the opposition of the smaller scale of the objects.

The Vases are limited edition and handmade in Copenhagen in limited edition. They cannot contain water but can contain dry flowers arrangement.



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mamooth stool Concept


The Mammoth stool is designed to be a friendly sculptural furniture series.  Built on the archetypal structure of a stool; 4 legs and 1 seat, the Mammoth stool is rounded and over-sized, giving it an animal-like aesthetic. This sculptural stool is both discrete yet full of character.


The simplicity of the construction makes this stool production friendly, flat-pack, ideal for storage and transportation of the product. It is also easy to assemble just by screwing the legs manually into the seat.

The Mammoth Stool Concept has been designed for the new Paper Collective showroom in Copenhagen.


The Mammoth stool concept is available for a brand collaboration. If you are interested please contact us at

sw chair

S&W stands for ‘Steel and Wood’ and pays an homage to the ‘Red and Blue’ chair created by Gerrit Rietveld in 1918. This revisited version has been created to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the original design by Rietveld.


SW chair gives a nod to the past, yet it still has its own character and aesthetic. This contemporary interpretation reduces to the pure essentials form and colour that emphasizes the geometric lines and planes.


This project is a study of an iconic design piece. It is an exploration of how the principles of the ‘De Stijl’ movement, from 1917, still can be used in our work in 2018. 


As the original chair was made to mass produce with standard size lumber. In this version there is used standard sized steel tubes and plywood that allows it to be mass produced.


The SW chair is not for sale.


PAXTON shelf is originally built for a French expat living in Copenhagen. It reflects her wish for a minimal and light design that allows her to exhibit her beautiful collection of souvenirs in her living room.


Having a lot of plant life around the apartment inspired us to integrate green into daily life. The shelf becomes a green wall which gives a natural ornament to the minimal structure.

The Paxton shelf is inspired by, and takes it’s name from, the famous architect; Joseph Paxton, who designed the Crystal Palace for The Great Exhibition in 1851, London.


The Crystal Palace was a large greenhouse structure that exhibited the worlds most precious items in a lush green environment.


The Paxton shelf is a completely modular structure, that interlocks without need of screws or glue. The T-shaped frame supports 90degree angles, and is connected by hand-turned solid brass plugs.


Paxton is available for a brand collaboration. If you are interested please contact us at


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