Interior Design

A good interior is harmonious and welcoming.  It should set a comfortable and calm atmosphere.  At Nue Studio we use a minimalistic approach relying on natural materials and textures, to ensure a clean yet warm atmosphere. 


This development all happens within the best features that the existing architecture can offer.  We have experience with retail- and office interiors in Copenhagen, but are also offering consulting for private homes.


Our work with you happens in 3 phases:


The first meeting is free.  We gladly visit your space, listen to your story and discuss your needs and desires for an interior solution. This meeting ends in project estimations and rough ideas.


The second meeting.  The initial sketches of concepts and moodboards are presented and discussed.  This meeting ends in a defined final concept.


The third meeting. The final concept is presented by 3D visuals and texture samples. During this meeting, we tailor the realization and installation of your new interior design together with the required team of sub-contractors.  From here, we offer contracting during the entire installation period, to ensure the finished result is precisely as your needs.


Please contact us for any enquiries at:

Paper collective
Design Gallery

Paper Collective Design Gallery is located on the historical street of Kompagnistræde, Copenhagen. The gallery shows their collection of prints, that are exclusively selected in collaboration with well renowned artists and photographers.


For this interior it was important to incorporate 3 zones: 

1. Large front gallery

2. Childrens gallery

3. Seating and table for planning


In this project, there has also been developed custom furniture, curtains, print racks and card holders.


Pavillon Elleve

In the city centre of Copenhagen, right on the fence of King’s Garden there is a small pavillon, Pavillon Elleve. It is a shared workspace and showroom for artists, architects and designers.  A collective that Nue Studio also is part owner of.


In collaboration with the other artists, the space has been designed to showcase art pieces and also have a large working table.  


The large table is custom-made and has a large sculpture podium for showing small objects.  It can also fold away, opening up the floor space for events.


Curtains, cabinets, table and stools are all custom made for this space.  See more on


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